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HCL Synthesis Systems


SGL CARBON supplies equipment and pre-assembled units mounted on skids for the production of high quality hydrochloric acid up to 39 % by wt. concentration
Highest purity dry HCl gas
Anhydrous HCl gas in our desorption unit
Recovery of chlorine residual gas or sniff gas

HCl synthesis units from SGL CARBON have the following key advantages

Use of high-performance materials: only the impregnated DIABON graphite material is in contact with the HCl gas or HCl acid

Optimum heat transfer: unlike other materials, DIABON graphite allows optimum transfer of heat

Recovery of combustion heat

SGL synthesis units are designed without rotating parts like pumps that would impair their reliability

Customized engineering of instrumentation, piping, steel structures, etc.

Maximum safety and reliability due to:

Burner on ground level, making operation and maintenance easier

Burner control system for automatic start-up and shut-down of the unit

Flame failure monitors, nitrogen purging system, safety disc with signal equipment, flame trap, intelligent interlock system

Unique burner flushing system, allowing operation in the presence of solids like salts

Proven safety and reliability standards exceeding 99%

Our more than 450 customers worldwide will be pleased to testify to these advantages