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Markets Served

SGL CARBON Technic, LLC produces equipment for the following industrial applications:

Chemical Industry

HCl, VCM, Sulfuric Acid, Agricultural Chemicals, Chlorinated Organics, MDI, TDI, Specialty Fine Chemicals, Pigments (TiO2) production

Fertilizer Industry

Graphite evaporators for P2O5 production, purified food grade phosphoric acid, high volume acid pumps, distillation towers for food grade acid production

HCl Production

HCl Synthesis systems using Hydrogen and Chlorine reaction and producing up to 39% aqueous HCl, falling film absorbers for acid production, absorption/desorption systems for HCl recovery and concentration


HCl Synthesis units for aqueous HCl for Chlorine Cells, acid cooling, drying tower circulation exchangers

Metals & Mining

Steel pickling exchangers for HCl or sulfuric/hydrofluoric/nitric acid baths, acid heaters for ore digestion (Ta, Zn, Ti, Ni, etc.) processes, Titanium Dioxide production via sulfuric acid process

Sulfuric Acid

Dilution systems for battery manufacturing, reconcentration systems

Environmental Treatment

Acid coolers for incineration plants, scrubbing system recirculation coolers, flue gas coolers, packed scrubbers, acid recovery and reconcentration systems


Mixed acid/organic condensers, heaters and interchangers with specialty graphite grades for product protection

Miscellaneous Applications

Many other mixed acid and organic processes in which corrosion resistance to process is critical for success.